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Snow Plow Trucks for Sale in Butler, NJ

Get Ready for Winter by Purchasing a Snowplow Truck at Route 23 Auto Mall - Large Selection of Snow Plow Trucks

As winter begins to rear its ugly head, it's a good idea to prepare for the weather ahead. Some may buy snow shovels, while others may purchase salt or other gear. But if you own a winter business or just someone looking to help others out, we recommend purchasing a used snowplow truck at Route 23 Auto Mall.

We Have Snow Plow Trucks Available - Offer Same Day Delivery

As New Jersey residents, we know that the winter here can get pretty brutal. Therefore, if you're looking to buy a used snowplow from our Butler dealership, the only thing you need to ask yourself is how much power do you need? We ask this because our snowplows range from the strong Ford F-250 to the even more powerful Ford F-350. The certified-preowned work trucks come with a new 8' Western ProPlus Plow featuring LED headlights, 4WD TorqShift, and 6-Speed Automatic Power Stroke.

If you're a driver interested in buying a Ford F-250 snowplow, you'll find this is our most common truck, and for a good reason. This model offers not only a strong V8 engine, but it also comes with a plethora of features and amenities such as hill start assist, a 110-volt power outlet, and a towing capacity of 10,00 pounds.

Though if the power and versatility of the F-250 aren't enough for you, then we recommend the F-350 instead. This beast of a machine can tow over 13,000 pounds and offers unique amenities such as automatic lights and high beams, trailer sway control, a leather steering wheel, and more.

The Ford Snow Plow Package

To help cope with the snow in the greater Butler, NJ area, the Ford Snow Plow package allows drivers to go through the snow. The Ford F-150 is designed to be compatible with many heavy-duty snowplows thanks to the optional Snow Plow Prep Package, that's rated for up to 1,400 pounds. 

To be eligible for the Snow Plow Package, the Ford F-150 must have a 4x4 drive system installed in the truck.

In addition to the 4x4 drive system, the Ford Snow-Plow Package is optioned as a Ford Super Duty truck built for travel in all types of road conditions. These capability options include powerful V8 gas and diesel powertrains that offer a wealth of horsepower and torque to power through the thickest of snowdrifts.

Other important features include a wiper de-icer that heats the windshield to melt the ice and allows the windshield wipers to do their job confidently. Plus, available amber or white LED lights provide brighter illumination when plowing through the snow at night. 

Further, the Ford Heavy Duty trucks feature deep snow drive modes that alter throttle mapping and traction control to deliver better control on the road. Plus, a 10-speed TorqShift automatic transmission delivers the performance you need when conditions get tough.

What Ford Trucks can Plow Through the Snow?

To take you through the snow and ice, the Ford F-250, Ford F-350, and Ford F-350 SRW heavy-duty model trucks are eligible for the Ford Snow Plow Package. To power through the snow, you are going to need a truck for winter that offers a high-strength steel frame to go along with a military-grade aluminum body that can stand up to stress.

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Before the winter weather gets too bad, why not purchase a snowplow truck and prepare yourself early? We offer test drives and a finance center to help customers find the right truck and loan. If you like what you've read but want to learn more, then contact us today, and we'll be happy to help. Find snow plow trucks for sale near Franklin Lakes, Kinnelon, Pompton Lakes, Wanaque, Riverdale, Wayne, and Montville today!