Get Your Vehicle Ready for the Winter Months at Route 23 Auto Mall

Winter Driving in Butler, NJ

As crazy as it sounds, winter is just around the corner.  With the drop in temperature and the foliage changing colors, it is clear that it won't be long before we are donning our winter gear.  In our area, the winter months can bring certain driving challenges.  It is a great idea of our vehicles, and for our safety, to make sure that our car, truck, or SUV is prepared for the coming months.  The service center at Route 23 Auto Mall, located at 1301 Route 23 in Butler, NJ, is here to give you tips on making sure your car is all set for when the snow starts flying.

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Getting Winter Service for Your Vehicle

There are certain car services you can take care of to make sure that you are prepared for the winter months.  At Route 23 Auto Mall, our service center is quite adept at making sure that your vehicle is ready to face the challenges ahead.  Below are some of the services you can have done to make sure that your car, truck, or SUV is ready.

Your To-Do List

  • Get Your Battery Inspected-The extremely cold weather we can get in this region can put a strain on your car's battery.  It is a good idea to get your vehicle's battery inspected by our service center to make sure that it will stand up to the extreme conditions it is going to face.
  • Your Tires Should Be Changed Over-Winter tires are the only kind that are rated to face the cold temperatures and snowy conditions we often face in the area.  The grooves and design in winter tires allow them to repel snow more easily and their makeup allows them to perform better in cold conditions.
  • Replace Your Windshield Wipers-Right now is a good time to make sure you have the appropriate windshield wipers on your car.  The last thing you want is to be stuck in the middle of a snowstorm without adequate windshield wipers.
  • Change Your Oil-It might be a good time to change your oil if you are close to your recommended oil change interval.  Going with a fully synthetic oil option, if your car allows it, is a good thing to do to prepare for the colder months.  Synthetic oil moves better in the cold conditions than conventional oil, so it can provide more protection for your engine components.

Schedule Your Winter Service

Don't hesitate and get caught in the winter with a car that isn't prepared for what is happening.  Schedule your winter service with the service center at Route 23 Auto Mall, in Butler, NJ, so your vehicle can be ready for all the coming winter challenges.

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