Pre-Qualification is Easy at Route 23!

Do you plan on financing the vehicle after shopping with us? Are you worried about lowering your credit score after running a credit score check? We have what you need to determine if you qualify for an auto loan to purchase your brand-new vehicle from Route 23 Auto Mall. Our finance team would love to have a chat with you about our pre-qualification program that could get you in your desired car, truck, or SUV today. With a few pieces of your information, you will be one step closer to riding off the lot in your brand-new ride. Get pre-qualified using our pre-qualification customer registration form. Our application is quick and easy and is powered by TransUnion, one of the world's most respected credit bureaus.

Completing our pre-qualification form will help you get an idea of your loan approval to put towards a new vehicle, thus narrowing your search filter to vehicles around the price range of the approval. What's even more helpful: getting pre-qualified with us doesn't affect your credit score. All we need is your full name, phone number, and address to get you started. Your social security number isn't needed, and we can guarantee that the process is safe and secure.

Get Your Finance Options Today

We encourage you to visit us after you finish the pre-qualification process. Our team specializes in getting you an affordable rate according to your approved loan to drive out knowing that you are spending the true worth. Before purchasing the vehicle, we can also conduct a test drive to have a more personable experience before signing for it. Once you are satisfied, we will work diligently towards getting the price that matches what you seek. Fill out our pre-qualification customer registration form and shop with us today!